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Kindergarten School

A child’s first experience of school plays an important role in setting the child’s approach to learning. Children need to feel safe and have classrooms that combine wonder and energy and foster a tone that allows even the most quiet and sensitive child an equal opportunity to interact with teachers, assistants and fellow students. Therefore, during the early childhood years we focus on learning through experience, interaction and inquiry.

Primary School

Primary School

The highly developing toddler brain is stimulated through exploratory and hands-on activities, which can develop cognition, language and psychomotor skills. They begin to appreciate the importance of education by remaining interested through the flexible, thought stimulating lessons. They are made aware of their own potentials and learn how to explore and exploit in the right direction thus moving away from vulnerability to independence.

Primary School

High School

From the nurturing cocoon of primary years to the opening horizons of middle school, transition for our young adolescents is smooth which ruffles a few feathers as they glide through the expanding skies of knowledge. The secondary years are some of the most enriching ones when students evolve into industrious, focused and self-assertive youth who begin to fathom the depths of various subjects.


Parent Photo

Good School! Important holistic learning to students. A happy child is an embodiment of a positive experience at school. Paramount ensures every child returns home cheerfully.

Swathi Bennuri

Parent Photo

Great staff, Responsible management and the right hands to nurture the kids..
Keep it up. 😊

Janet Jon

Parent Photo

Very good teaching, nice communication with teacher, wonderful cultural activities, very suppotive management etc.,. Totally am lot of satisfied this school education.,,😘

Dilip Gowda

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This is one of the best schools in the neighbourhood. We looked at a lot of schools and then decided on admitting my child in this school. It has very good infrastructure. The teachers are very good with the children. The school is constantly improving.

Parent of Laavya L Dev

Parent Photo

My child is always excited to go to school. They have so many activities in the school like taekwondo, dance, swimming, art and craft, volleyball etc. They have an excellent balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Management and teachers are always working towards improving the school.

Parent of Vihaan Bennuri

Parent Photo

My child has been in this school since pre-primary. Teachers and management are very open to feedback. We have regular meetings and they always listen to our queries and suggestions.

Parent of Divyashree


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