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CCA Quiz and Art Competition

CCA Quiz and Art Competition

Co-Curricular Activities Report

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” – Mathiole
Promoting student engagement in artistic pursuits and competitions is a priority at Paramount Public School. To measure and foster student creativity, Inter-house contests were organized on July 27, 2023. Students from Grades 1 and 2 showcased their creativity in a colouring competition. Grades 3 and 4 demonstrated their skills in grain pasting. The fifth graders crafted lovely peacocks and lotuses using paper. Engaging in these artistic activities provided students with not just enjoyment but also an opportunity to enhance their creative thinking and fine motor abilities. The event culminated in the awarding of certificates to the top three performers from each grade, as a token of appreciation and motivation for their commendable efforts.

CCA – Quiz Contest

School-based quiz contests serve as an excellent medium for evaluating students’ understanding, enhancing their educational prowess, and encouraging a sense of spirited competition among classmates. In a bid to sharpen the understanding of Social Studies among students, an Inter-house Social Studies Quiz Contest was orchestrated under the CCA on 27th July 2023. Delegates from each house participated with zeal, eager to display their depth of knowledge and emerge victoriously. They adeptly responded to the queries presented.

Despite some of the questions being challenging, the teams displayed courage and attempted them confidently. The quiz served as an enriching and enlightening experience for both the contestants and spectators. The students exhibited an exuberant spirit and fully relished the contest. The victors of the quiz contest were:
1st position – Emerald House
2nd position – Sapphire House

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