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Investiture ceremony 2023

Investiture ceremony 2023

“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life.”

On the momentous day of July 8, 2023, our school had the privilege of bestowing responsibilities upon deserving young talents, who have exhibited commitment, confidence, and competence, to lead our institution with utmost dedication.

The Investiture Ceremony was held with great enthusiasm, signifying a significant occasion where our young students were prepared to assume the mantle of leadership and fulfil the entrusted responsibilities bestowed upon them by the school. The ceremony, conducted with a sense of enthusiasm and dignity, took place on our school premises.

We were honoured to have Retired Nayab Subedar Indian Army Mr Shanthaseelan M and his wife, Mrs Sai Prabha, presiding over the ceremony. The proceedings commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the removal of darkness and the continuous upward movement of the flame, representing the path of wisdom and divinity. Our talented students’ spellbinding Welcome Dance performance captivated the audience and set the tone for the event.

During the ceremony, the elected student leaders were bestowed with badges and sashes by the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, and our esteemed Principal. Mrs N Shivajyothi, the Principal, administered the oath to the student leaders, congratulating them on their appointment to the Student Council. She advised them to discharge their duties with impartiality and honesty, emphasizing the importance of integrity in their roles.

In his address, the Chief Guest expressed his appreciation for the students’ accomplishments and encouraged them to embody discipline and become role models for their peers. He also extended an invitation to join prestigious organizations such as The Bharat Scouts and Guides and the Indian Army, instilling a sense of national service among the students.

The School Captain, Basilica Mary, delivered a heartfelt speech, pledging to fulfil her duties with honesty and sincerity, while inspiring her fellow leaders to do the same. School Vice-Captain, Hansika Raj, expressed gratitude through a well-articulated vote of thanks, acknowledging all those who contributed to the success of the event.

The Investiture Ceremony concluded on a patriotic note with the rendition of the National Anthem, uniting all attendees in a moment of pride and unity.

We extend our sincere congratulations to the newly appointed student leaders and express our appreciation to the organizing committee, teachers, and staff members for their dedicated efforts in making this ceremony a resounding success. Through their unwavering support, we continue to foster an environment of growth, learning, and excellence within our school.

May this Investiture Ceremony serve as a catalyst for our student leaders to shine, inspiring their peers and positively influencing our school community.

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